Joy of Consulting offers a customized optimization plan to measure, automate, and provide quick insights into the health of your organization. We take pride in handling the most critical issues and dealing with them professionally to help your business grow. We serve every business based on its unique needs.


We study your workflow processes as well as the key stakeholders involved. We assess current costs and identify gaps. We minimize costs, improve performance and increase output – these factors will ultimately translate to the growth and success of your business.

Upon reviewing the results of your organization's assessment in order to improve their operational efficiency, we implement a solution that will serve each stakeholder and add value to your organization. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Model

  • We develop a suitable model for your business. A proper business model will bring clarity and success to your organization.


  • Organizational Structure

  • We help you complete a proper organizational structure as this is critical to the success of your business.

  • Identify Goals

  • We understand that for the success of any company, it is important to identify goals. We ascertain both short and long term goals.

  • Business Development

  • We assist sole proprietors with developing a business plan for their existing or new business.

  • Time Management

  • To be a successful sole proprietor, it is important for you to understand the importance of time management. We provide guidance on how to manage your time between different tasks and prioritize them accordingly. Improved time management will ultimately lead to increased productivity.


  • Strategic Planning

  • We analyze the current state of your business and identify your priorities; set goals and benchmarks; maximize efficiency; strengthen operations, and ensure your organization achieves the maximum outcome of having a comprehensive plan in place.