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A lot of organizations place an emphasis on improving their systems and the focus shifts away from their most valuable assets -- the people, both employees and those they serve. At Joy of Consulting we bridge the gap between business strategy, employee performance, and client/customer engagement. 


We help clients assess and identify how to enhance their organizational structure and performance. The best performing organizations know that the people are crucial to its success. We assist organizations with identifying both short/long-term staff needs and develop a strategy for all parties involved to ensure that the work is aligned with the people and their values. 

We also focus on company culture -- this is at the heart of all high-performing organizations. When you have high-performing employees, the morale of the organization remains high and management can trust their employees to get the job done. Cultivating and developing leaders is essential to this process. 


  • Staff Assessment

  • Develop a process to identify if current staff and policies are working seamlessly.

  • Finance/Budget Optimization

  • Align your target goals and objectives with projected budget allocations. 


  • Employee Management

  • Generate training sessions dedicated to employee management in order to ensure your team is capable of getting the maximum output from employees working with your organization.

  • Governance Structure

  • Develop a complete governance structure based on your organizational needs to help your organization maximize its capacity.

Specialized Services

  • Interim C-Suite Services

  • We can assist you with satisfying the role of a senior level executive to help you clarify organizational goals, strategies and priorities while you look for a new executive.


  • Leadership Development

  • We enhance the leadership qualities of your management team and enable them to manage their employees confidently and effectively.



  • Professional Development Training

  • Produce training sessions which enable your employees to reach their highest level of potential and capabilities.



  • Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Provide diversity and inclusion training sessions which enable your staff to work with a diverse clientele as well as fellow employees.



  • Research

    Research; conducting needs assessments; program development; evaluation design; budget planning, and completion of required federal forms.

Needs Assessment

  • Needs Assessment

  • Through the utilization of our framework, we will conduct a needs assessment of your organization to identify gaps and inefficiencies that are affecting your organization and determine what needs to be improved upon. 

Strategic Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • We analyze the current state of your organization and identify your priorities; set goals and benchmarks; maximize efficiency; strengthen operations, and ensure your organization achieves the maximum outcome of having a comprehensive plan in place.


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